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Bach Rescue Remedy Drops (20ml)

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Dr Bach created an emergency combination which he called Rescue Remedy. It contains five flower remedies: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. It is worth carrying a small bottle with you in case of emergencies.
Rescue Cream with added Crab Apple is available as a multi-purpose skin salve for external application.
A remedy used in the traditional, herbal approach to treatment and promotion of wellbeing.

For demanding and stressful situations

Rescue Remedy is the remedy to be used in emergencies. If you have received sudden bad news, a family upset or a bereavement; if you are fearful, confused, or even in terror, Rescue Remedy will help you face the situation in a better frame of mind.

It can also be taken before a stressful event; for example, while waiting for important news; prior to sitting an exam or taking a driving test; before a difficult meeting or interview; before going on stage or giving a speech; before going to the dentist or into hospital. Rescue Remedy will help to reduce your fear and nervousness.

It is an excellent remedy whenever you feel uptight or unduly bothered, and can usually restore balance.

If you find yourself taking it on a regular basis, you may find it useful to look again at the indications for the 38 individual remedies to see if there is something that suits your individual state better.

After an accident, an immediate dose of Rescue Remedy can contribute greatly to counteracting its effects and helping the natural healing process to take its course. If there has been an accident at home, out of doors or on the road, those involved may be experiencing confusion. While waiting for medical help Rescue Remedy can be used to relieve the fear of both victim and onlookers and provide comfort and reassurance.

Note: Like all the flower remedies, Rescue Remedy is not intended to replace medical treatment but is an invaluable support while waiting for medical help in an emergency. It is natural, entirely safe and gentle, is not habit forming and will not interfere with any other medical treatment.

Dosage for Rescue Remedy

Dilute four drops in a small glass of water and sip at frequent intervals until relief is obtained. If there is no water or other liquid to hand, the patient can be given drops direct from the stock bottle directly on the tongue. (N.B. This should be done with caution: since all the remedies are preserved in brandy, this entails a direct intake of alcohol, which may not be acceptable to everyone for religious or other reasons.)

External application

Rescue Remedy can be diluted and used as a lotion. A couple of undiluted drops can be used direct from the bottle unless the skin is severely broken.
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Bach Rescue Remedy Drops (20ml)
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