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Balmosa Warming Pain Relief Cream (40g)

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Balmosa Cream is a pain relief cream that is different from the rest as this unique formula provides your skin with a warming sensation - It is easily absorbed and can be used to relieve; strains, sprains, bruising, back pain and sciatica and can even be used to soothe and relieve the pain of unbroken chilblains!
It is gentle on the skin and provides quick and effective relief and is suitable for muscular aches and pains and sport injuries.

The four active ingredients of Balmosa cream include menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate and capsicum oleoresin. These ingredients work in co-ordination to relieve the patient from unbroken muscular pain and stiffness in backache sciatica (irritation of the sciatic nerve causing pain down the leg) lumbago (lower back pain), rheumatic pain (pain, swelling, stiffness and limited movement in joints, muscles and ligaments), fibrositis (pain, stiffness or tenderness in muscles, tendons and joints) and other related conditions.

Whether you have been involved too much in gardening activities, over-exhausted yourself in the gym or have been experiencing a long standing rheumatic pain, the Balmosa cream provides warmth when you apply it to the source of pain thereby, letting you return to your normal life in a short span of time.
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Balmosa Warming Pain Relief Cream (40g)
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