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Canesten Thrush External 2% Cream 20g (Clotrimazole)

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Canesten Thrush Cream relieves irritation of the vulva (vulvitis) which is caused by vaginal thrush (candidiasis). Although this cream provides relief from the external irritation caused by vaginal thrush, it cannot treat any internal (vaginal) cause of the infection. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend a treatment for this. Only use this product if you have been previously diagnosed by your doctor as having vaginal thrush. Some women suffer from recurrent attacks of thrush. To reduce the frequency of these attacks, the sexual partner’s penis can be treated with this cream also to prevent re-infection, even if they have no symptoms of thrush. Contains Clotrimazole 2%
Please consult your doctor before using if you are aged under 16 or over 60.
Avoid sexual intercourse whilst you have thrush and are using this product as your partner may become infected.
Do not use during your period as the treatment may be less effective.
If you have more than two infections within six months you will need to see your doctor.
This product may reduce the effectiveness of rubber contraceptives, such as condoms or diaphragms. As a result, please use alternative precautions for at least five days after using this product.
Do not use tampons, intravaginal douches, spermicides, or other vaginal products whilst using this product.
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Canesten Thrush External 2% Cream 20g (Clotrimazole)
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