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Lockets Throat Lozenges (Various Flavours)

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Lockets is a familiar and trusted brand, which has for years, helped to keep Brits going through the bitter winter months. Containing soothing honey and clearing menthol, its double action formula is one that can be relied upon to calm stubborn coughs and colds and ease discomfort. Lockets is a brand you can depend on to help you get through your day, and with a clear head.
Lockets all contain honey and menthol to help clear your nose and soothe your throat.
10 medicated lozenges with a soothing liquid centre, no artificial colours or flavours. Sugarbased hard candy with menthol and eucalyptol with a liquid centre with honey and vitamin C. Available in Honey & Lemon, Cranberry & Blueberry and Extra Strong flavour.
Honey & Lemon Available only!
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Lockets Throat Lozenges (Various Flavours)
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